The Personal Support Worker Program prepares graduates to provide supportive care to individuals across their lifespan by assisting them with their activities of daily living. Students learn to be valuable members of care service teams and develop effective working relationships towards quality client care. With a focus on personal care and home management services, they will gain the knowledge and skills required to collaborate with clients, families, supervisors and colleagues within their respective healthcare institutions. 


PSW Foundations
Safety and Mobility
Body Systems
Assisting with Personal Hygiene
Abuse and Neglect
Household Management, Nutrition and Hydration
Care Planning/Restorative Care/Documentation/Working in the Community
Assisting the Family, Growth and Development
Assisting the Dying Person
Assisting with Medications
Cognitive and Mental Health Issues and Brain Injuries
Health Conditions



Through practicums, students are thoroughly evaluated to prepare students with the latest equipment and standard practices used in the industry before being placed in the workplace. This includes using lifts, transfers, hygiene procedures and safety protocols.

With a large network of healthcare facilities, HIHP assigns students to clinical placements to complete hours for certification and students gain hands-on experience to have the confidence and skills to be successfully employed upon graduation.


To successfully complete the program, students take the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) final examination which evaluates the theory component of the training and determines whether they have the required level of knowledge to do the job. 

Successful students are awarded a numbered certificate and corresponding numbered pin identifying the graduate as having successfully passed the theory portion of the PSW Program.